June 10, 2013

You hear it a lot: For the economy to get better, we all have to spend more. Consumer confidence, consumer spending, consumer interest, consumer debt.... it's the consumer economy. But didn't spending too much get us in trouble a few years ago? Can we afford the consumer economy? Marketplace explores how we consume, what we get from it, what it costs, and whether we can keep it up.

Meanwhile, do you sit or stand while you work? For those of you who can't decide, there's something in the middle.

Coming up on this evening's broadcast: Host Kai Ryssdal takes you through one day in his consumer economy -- shopping at a hardware store, a shoe store and getting a much needed haircut to launch our week-long Consumed series.


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Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Amped up border patrol, higher ed degree control

Increasingly, economists and other social scientists are identifying evidence of a "consumer arms race" -- that in order to keep up, many middle class Americans are shelling out cash for goods and services in order to keep up with the rich and almost-rich. Case in point: personal trainers for kids.

Tis the season for caps and gowns and college diplomas. For a lot of new graduates it's also time to start paying back those student loans. If you're wondering how long that might take, it depends on your profession. Want to pay off your student loans in about 6 years? Get a degree in advertising or marketing. But according to BankRate.com, if you become a librarian, plan on shelling out monthly payments for over two decades.

This week starts the big dance on immigration reform, when the Gang of Eight’s bipartisan bill comes to the Senate floor on Tuesday, June 11. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill would provide a path to work-permission -- and ultimately, citizenship -- for most of ...

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Can we afford the consumer economy? Marketplace explores how we consume, what we get from it, what it costs, and whether we can keep it up.

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