May 14, 2013

Cell phone theft in this country is on the rise -- some are calling it an epidemic -- but there’s not really any incentive for the industry to help curb the increase. What can you do to prevent your phone from being stolen? Check out our infographic of cell phone theft stats and prevention tips, for starters.

Coming up on this evening's broadcast: The growing popularity of massive open online courses -- or MOOCs -- is attracting some of nation’s most elite professors. And some of those professors are so good, they reach a sort of celebrity status. We take a look at what it takes to be a MOOC rockstar.

Plus, for the second installment of Marketplace’s “Beyond Payday Loans” series, we take a look at how some installment loan providers profit from lending money to customers they know will struggle to pay back the loans.


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Mid-day Update

PODCAST: North American fossil fuel domination; cell phone theft

Once upon a time the fossil fuel capital of the world was the U.S. -- first in Pennsylvania, then in Texas. Then, the center of gravity shifted to the Middle East and beyond. But a new report out today from the International Energy Agency predicts that over the next five years, North America will once again dominate new supplies of oil and natural gas.

Think about what happens when your phone is stolen. You have to go out and buy a new one, then you have to sign up for a new plan with your carrier. With cell phone theft generating new sales for manufacturers, and new contracts for carriers, why would they do anything to stop it?

The housing market is starting to come back in the Southwest, and homebuilders are beginning to build again. But there's a problem.  During the recession, the country lost more than a million construction jobs. And many of those workers have moved on


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Beyond Payday Loans

A new joint investigative project from Marketplace and ProPublica focuses on a type of lending that can hook borrowers into a spiral of debt for years: installment loans.

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