May 13, 2013

The next time you break a $20, take a minute to appreciate its design. The high-tech bill turns 10 years old today, and we take a look at how it has changed the way we fight counterfeiters.  

Before you spend that $20 bill on a morning latte, you might want to ask yourself if it's really worth it first. From coffee, to lottery tickets, bar tabs and lunch dates, we talk with personal finance expert Paula Pant about all the little things we spend our money on, and she offers advice about waste.

For more on personal finance issues, tune in this evening to hear our new series, “Beyond Payday Loans,” produced in collaboration with ProPublica. Tonight we'll look at installment loans that deliver huge payoffs to lenders even while customers have a hard time paying them back.


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DOW +27.82 (+0.21%) Dow up; NASDAQ +7.80 (+0.26%)Nasdaq up S&P 500 +3.99 (+0.24%)S&P 500 up

Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Bloomberg admits snooping, Air Force seeks money-saving ideas

Despite pessimistic forecasts, retail sales inched up 0.1 percent in April. Core retail sales -- automobiles, clothing, building materials, and other goods -- rose as prices for gold and crude oil dropped.

To what extent could Bloomberg news reporters keep tabs on Bloomberg's financial industry customers? Late Sunday night the editor-in-chief of Bloomberg apologized for a long-standing newsroom practice of allowing reporters access to some private client information it gets through its widely used financial data terminals.

The federal budget cuts known as sequestration are taking about $13 billion out of the Air Force’s budget for this fiscal year, so, the Air Force brass at the Pentagon are scrounging around for extra change, asking rank and file airmen for money-saving ideas.

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