July 08, 2014

It's the first day that residents in the state of Washington can walk into a store and legally buy marijuana for recreational purposes. Washington is the second state to legalize the plant - Coloradans have been able to purchase recreational pot since January 1. But it’s still illegal under federal law, and there are some notable differences between the two state’s regulations.

Forget your typical summer camp experiences: swimming, campfires, telling ghost stories. At computer camps around the country, kids are telling stories about Minecraft. They’re learning to code, not to canoe. At iD Tech camps, kids (mostly boys) stick to their screens: clicking, staring, thinking, asking questions, clicking again.

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DOW +27.82 (+0.21%) Dow up; NASDAQ +7.80 (+0.26%)Nasdaq up S&P 500 +3.99 (+0.24%)S&P 500 up

Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Summer camp for techies

The CEO of Walmart says that positive job growth numbers are not translating to increased sales -- At least not in his stores, anyway. Is it the same story for small businesses? Plus, a new report says that more than 40% of American homes are mobile phone only. But recently, the rate of cord-cutting has slowed. A look at why the number of people abandoning landlines may have plateaued. And it's summer camp season, which means sending kids off to canoe, make campfires, and...code? More and more summer programs are offering to teach kids programming skills. The positives and negatives of training the next batch of techies.

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