April 05, 2013

Sadly, the office kitchen is often a place that's rarely cleaned, frequently looted, and almost always a bit depressing. And the Marketplace kitchen is no exception -- you can see for yourself. So what do the dirty dishes and moldy leftovers at your office kitchen say about you and workplace culture?

We'd love to see a picture of your workplace kitchen -- disgusting and otherwise. Post them on our Facebook wall or send them to us via Twitter @radiopiggybank.

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Workplace Culture

Oh no she didn't! Advice on 'Working with Bitches'

Dominance displays, posturing, submissive behavior -- sound like anything you've seen at the office? Psychologist Meredith Fuller specializes in a certain subset of these behaviors -- usually exhibited by women -- behaviors we all know rather well. Cattiness. Dismissive, snide remarks. Cliques and talking behind people's backs. Most of us associate this kind of stuff with high school, but it doesn't end there.  It can make your life miserable at work. Fuller's written a new book about this with the eye-catching title of "Working with Bitches."

Fuller says she chose to use the word "bitch" in her book title for two reasons. First, everybody knows what you mean when you say 'I work with a bitch.' And second, the "new bitch" is fun and can be a positive thing. She says there's nothing wrong with a woman who is assertive and tough in the workplace, but she wrote her book for more polite, concerned, earnest women who need a way to deal with the sort of behaviors that are more manipulative a...

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Workplace Culture

Fun is the office F word. In these economic doldrums -- is having fun at work as important as it used to be? Who's having it, who's not? What's the history of business casual? We'll be exploring these questions and more in our "Workplace Culture" series.

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