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Just how bad was it to graduate into the recession?

Is summer camp for coding or canoeing?

Forget sleeping in cabins, getting poison ivy, and telling ghost stories around the campfire. A growing number of today’s campers are learning to code and do graphic design at tech camps. Unlike archery or basket-weaving, the skills these kids are learning might even land them jobs someday. Read more.

Fighting the classroom tech war in Los Angeles

Apple looked like it had a lock on the Los Angeles Unified School District. LAUSD was planning to spend $1 billion to outfit all of its students with iPads. But now, the district is making room for Google, Microsoft and other competitors. Game on.   Read more.

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Putting online testing to the test


What education was like in 1776


Meet the man who invented the pool noodle


Stories that caught our eye

Big data comes to the classroom

Big Brother apparently can make you a better student. At Purdue University, some professors closely monitor students’ work habits, and it’s paying off.


Education around the world in one info-graphic

Want to know how long the school day is in Iceland? Or where the biggest gender literacy gaps are? This is the info-graphic for you.


Google Glass in the classroom

Is reality too boring for today's students? A New Jersey teacher argues for "augmented reality" via Google Glass and other devices.


Why the Chromebook beats the iPad

Three arguments for why a laptop is better than a tablet in classrooms with one device per student.

The Curveball

What do preschoolers do better than college students? Take the Curveball challenge here.

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