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    Rob Schmitz talking to a group of his students during his time as a Peace Corps volunteer 17 years ago.

    - courtesy of Rob Schmitz

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    Rob Schmitz with one of his former students, Zeng Yang, who is now a famous artist.

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    29 year-old artist Zeng Yang stands in front of a half-finished painting. Zeng is one of China's top young artists. His work depicts migrant workers facing moral dilemmas in the big city.

    - Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

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    Detail of one of Zeng Yang's paintings.

    - Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

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    Calligrapher Sun Lianshung practices in a sleepy teahouse in Zigong's old town.

    - Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

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    A photo of Marketplace's Rob Schmitz back in the day during his time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zigong.

    - courtesty of Rob Schmitz

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    Rob Schmitz speaks to a group of students at the college where he taught 17 years ago as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

    - Stella Xie/Marketplace