Cast and Crew

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Deborah Clark | Executive Producer and Vice President       


Kai Ryssdal | Host/Senior Editor, Marketplace

David Brancaccio | Host, Marketplace Morning Report

Ben Johnson | Host, Marketplace Tech

Lizzie O'Leary| Host, Marketplace Weekend

Senior Management

Mark Miller | Managing Editor

Sitara Nieves | Senior Producer, Marketplace

Nicole Childers | Senior Producer, Marketplace Morning Report, Marketplace Tech Report

Dan Szematowicz | Senior Producer, Marketplace Weekend


John Buckley | Senior Editor, International News

Paddy Hirsch | Senior Editor, New York

George Judson | Senior Editor, Sustainability

Dave Shaw | Senior Editor, Washington, D.C. & Health Desk

Betsy Streisand | Senior Editor, Education

Marketplace Digital

Paul Brent | Senior Interactive Designer

Arjuna Soriano | Web Developer

Tobin LowDigital Production Assistant

Production Staff, Marketplace

Tommy Andres | Producer, Marketplace

Millicent Jefferson | Associate Producer/Director, Marketplace

Bridget Bodnar | Associate Producer, Marketplace

Production Staff, Marketplace Morning Report

Justin Ho | Producer, Marketplace Morning Report

Katie Long | Associate Producer/Director, Marketplace Morning Report

Production Staff, Marketplace Weekend

Raghu Manavalan | Associate Producer, Marketplace Weekend

Jenny Ament | Associate Producer, Marketplace Weekend

Production Staff, Marketplace Tech

Meg Cramer | Associate Producer, Marketplace Tech

Production Staff, Marketplace Desks

Nancy Farghalli | Senior Producer/Editor, Special Projects

Caitlin EschAssociate Producer


Stephen Beard | London Bureau Chief

Sabri Ben-Achour Reporter, New York

Krissy Clark | Correspondent, Wealth and Poverty

Sarah Gardner | Reporter, Sustainability

Mark Garrison | Reporter, New York

Dan Gorenstein | Reporter, Health

David Gura | Senior Reporter, Washington

Mitchell Hartman | Senior Reporter, Entrepreneurship

Adriene Hill | Senior Reporter, LearningCurve

Noel King | Reporter, Wealth and Poverty

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Senior Reporter, Washington

Rob Schmitz | Shanghai Bureau Chief (on leave)

Amy Scott | Correspondent, Education

Scott Tong | Correspondent, Sustainability 

David Weinberg | Sustainability

Dan Weissmann | Sustainability

Broadcast Production

Stephen Colon | Manager, Audio Production

Ravi Carman | Audio Producer

Chris Clarke | Audio Producer

Pablo Garcia | Broadcast Engineer

Jeff Peters | Broadcast Coordinator

Charlton Thorp | Audio Engineer

Business Support

Ian Adams |Systems Administrator 

Tina Admans | Senior Project Manager

Ana Dapuetto | HR Coordinator

Paul Dawson | Financial Analyst

LeeAnn Fitzgerald | Administrative Assistant

Jeni Hatfield | Marketing Manager

Steven Harris | Technology Support

Tinson Li | Manager, Technology

Michelle Mencio | Financial Analyst

Michelle Philippe | Production Office Coordinator

Marcello Sawyer | HR Manager, Talent Acquisition

Steve Turzo | IT Technician

Megan Uebelacker | Sr. Development Officer


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The cast and crew of Marketplace from American Public Media.