Actress Alicia Witt attends the after party for the Cinema Society and Piaget screening of 'Last Chance Harvey' at the Hudson Hotel in New York City. - 

Every week we have someone tell us their story about money. This week, actor and musician Alicia Witt talks about the day she tried to teach her father a lesson.

"My parents were both teachers, my dad made about $35,000 a year and we didn't have a car until I was think 11," says Witt. "Money was always something that we had to be careful of."

But, Witt's father wasn't too careful. "I couldn't believe that my dad kept all his cash in his back pocket of his pants. He never had a wallet ... I would go into my dad's bedroom and find his pants, where had thrown them on the floor, or changed into another pair of pants, and I would just remove the cash from the back pocket and hide it."

She did this until she had collected hundreds of dollars.

"I wanted to show him that he wasn't keeping track of how much cash he had on him at any given time."

It worked. One day, she found her parents sitting in the kitchen, worried. They had figured out that a large amount of money was missing, but didn't know what had happened.

Witt sprung into action. "I went into my room and took out handfuls of money and just started walking through the kitchen fanning myself with the cash."

Did this trick convince Witt's father to change the way he handles his cash?

"He still carries it in his back pocket," says Witt.