Discarded public payphones are piled in a city salvation yard under the West Side Highway at 135th and 12th Avenue in New York City. As people are increasingly dependent on cellular phones and other mobile devices for communications, the payphone has slowly been removed from public spaces. Despite this, there are still over 400,000 pay-phones in the United States processing an estimated 1.7 billion calls per year. - 

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Tech IRL

Marketplace Weekend host Lizzie O'Leary and Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson explore the digital world in real life. Listeners get deeper insight into how technology is changing the world around then, beyond smartphones and laptops.

In this edition, Ben and Lizzie look at New York City's plan to convert old public payphone stalls into wi-fi hotspots.

The Number

You might hear Marketplace cover "The Numbers" during the week, looking at the daily state of the stock market. For Marketplace Weekend, we meet the people behind the news, on 'Main Street' instead of 'Wall Street,' and what number is impacting them.

This number? Three, for three percent. As much as three percent of Ukraine's GDP comes from money earned overseas and sent back home. The World Bank says that per capita income in Ukraine is about $3500 in U.S. dollars, so all that extra money can be a big boost. It's common for Ukrainians around the world to send money back to their families and friends.

Is that changing?

My Money Story

There's a moment when money changes lives, either by gaining it, losing it, never having it.

This time, writer Brian Finkelstein shares a story about art and earning, and learning what actually makes you happy. 

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