A Nest thermostat, seen as one of the first successful products in the so-called "Internet of Things." - 

Cisco Systems is viewed as a sort of barometer for the tech industry, and when it announces its profits on Wednesday, Silicon Valley will be paying attention to the company's latest push into the "Internet of Things," aiming to link cars, machines, devices and everything in between.

"It's pretty much this notion of connecting anything that has an on-off switch," says Jacob Morgan, co-founder of Chess Media Group, a consulting firm that helps organizations understand the future of work.

For now, the "Internet of Things" is a long-term strategy for the company.

"In terms of selling cars to people, it may be a little bit trickier because its such a a really big vision, it may be hard to make the benefits obvious to all customers," says Michael Endler, an associate editor with Information Week.

But Cisco says this sector of technology could be worth $19 trillion.