A customer picks up a Snickers Bar in a supermarket August 18, 2005 in Sydney, Australia - 

M & M’s, Snickers, Twix and Milky Way. They’re all made by Mars. In fact, most of us know Mars as one of the world’s biggest chocolate makers.

What you may not know is that Mars makes a lot more than chocolate. The company owns products such as instant rice, coffee, holistic remedies -- and even pet food.

In fact, if you feed your dog or cat Pedigree or Whiskas, or even “gourmet filets” made by the high-end Cesar brand, you are buying Mars products. And now, Mars will own even more of the names in the pet food aisle.

Procter & Gamble on Wednesday agreed to sell their Iams, Eukanuba and Natura pet food brands to Mars for $2.9 billion in cash. The deal is limited to markets in North America, Latin America and a few other countries.

“The deal reinforces our leadership in pet nutrition and veterinary science,” Todd Lachman, global president for Mars Petcare, said in a statement.

Who knew Mars was a leader in “pet nutrition and veterinary science”?

Here are five brands you might also be surprised to know that Mars owns: 

1. Uncle Ben's Rice

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2. CocoaVia 



3. Cesar

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 4. Altoids 

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5. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape