The Colorado River runs through the Grand Canyon. Almost 40 million people in the western United States rely on it for drinking water. - 

Here’s an extended look at what’s coming up next week:

  • In Barcelona, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to speak on opening day of the Mobile World Congress 2014.
  • On Tuesday, a hearing in the Senate takes up the issue of solitary confinement.
  • The Conference Board releases its monthly Consumer Confidence Index.
  • Midweek we get a look at new home sales for January. That’s from the Commerce Department.
  • Let’s take a little vacation: The Grand Canyon celebrates 95 years as a National Park. About 5 million people visit each year.
  • Levi Strauss was born in Bavaria on February 26, 1829. (If he hadn’t been I just don’t know what I’d wear most days.)
  • After 11 seasons, television audiences said a tearful goodbye to M*A*S*H. The final episode aired February 28, 1983.
  • And we honor one of my favorite nightshift workers: Friday is National Tooth Fairy day.

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