Students at the Greenhill School watch the stock market like traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. - 

Marketplace's Lizzie O'Leary and John Carney from CNBC look back, not just on the past week of business news, but on all of 2013 and the economic legacy of the year. 

"The economy is doing very, very well. All that can happen now is things can get screwed up," John Carney, who blogs at NetNet on CNBC, says. "Most economists are saying things will go very well. So as long we don't end up in some sort of epic political fight where we're going to tank the economy again, things will go well in 2014."

Marketplace's O'Leary adds a bit of a skeptical note:

"Tomorrow, millions of Americans lose their unemployment benefits. We'll see what happens when that happens," says Marketplace host O'Leary. "There's a split, a schism if you will, between where data show the economy is going and where people's hearts and wage power for the middle class feels where the economy is, in their gut."

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