Bobby Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of BTC China, China's bitcoin exchange at his office in Shanghai. - 

Today, the government revised upward its standard measure of the economy. The GDP measures dollars changing hands and there was more of that last quarter than first realized, with GDP rising at a 4.1 percent rate, when annualized.  

Hollywood doesn’t want free trade to mean free, illegal downloads of movies. Or bootleg sales. Anissa Brennan, vice president for International Affairs and Trade Policy at the Motion Picture Association of America, wants the treaty to follow U.S. law, which doesn’t allow movie goers to film what’s on the screen, then sell illegal copies.

The global price of the digital currency Bitcoin went on a roller coaster ride this week when the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange was forced by China’s government to stop accepting deposits. Up to now, the exchange, BTC China, was the trading epicenter for the Bitcoin economy.

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