Radical Independence paraphernalia and leaflets on display at their conference on November 23, 2013 in Glasgow,Scotland. The key message the movement was attempting to pass to delegates was that they are unit in the belief that an independent Scotland must take its key utilities back into public ownership. The conference was being held just a few days before Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond will unveil the Scottish Government white paper on independence on 26 November, 2013. - 

If Scotland were to pull away from the United Kingdom, what would its society look like? What would its economy look like? The Scottish National Party today issued a kind of mission statement to start answering those questions. In 10 months, voters in Scotland will be asked, yes or no: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

Some of the big challenges they would undoubtedly face would be economic, and one of the big issues they'd have to decide is which currency to use. The Scottish National Party is proposing a currency union with the rest of the United Kingdom. And -- as we know from the euro zone -- running a currency union with more than one government involved can sometimes be pretty challenging.

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