Nominee for the Federal Reserve Board Chairman Janet Yellen waits for the beginning of her confirmation hearing November 14, 2013 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Yellen will be the first woman to head the Federal Reserve if confirmed by the Senate and will succeed Ben Bernanke. - 

President's Obama choice to lead the Federal Reserve faces the first of her confirmation hearings this morning. The questions today come from members of the Senate Banking Committee. Janet Yellen said this morning that the Federal Reserve still has "more work to do," which some hear as a vote for keeping the stimulus going. 

JPMorgan opened up a Q&A session on Wednesday via Twitter and invited questions for its vice chairman, Jimmy Lee. But by the end of the day, the investment scrapped the idea in what turned out to be a press relations fiasco.

Just because a business is dying doesn’t make it dead; if there’s a little water left in a sponge, you can bet someone will wring it for all it's worth. For instance, there are still people who make a living selling typewriters.

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