Randi Zuckerberg performs at the Founder Institute's Tech Carnival 2013 at Candlestick Park on July 17, 2013 in San Francisco, California.  - 

Randi Zuckerberg has spent the last few years proving to the world she's not just the older sister of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This month, she's got two new books out, one for kids called "Dot," and another for adults called "Dot Complicated." Both tackle the modern challenges with balancing real life with encroaching technology -- an interesting topic for the former spokesman for one of the largest social network time-sucks ever created. But she might say it's just positive inspiration.

"I really believe that the glass is definitely half full when it comes to the benefits that technology and social media have given to us," Zuckerberg says. "But, on the other hand, there's a backlash again some of these tools, and a desire to reclaim a little bit more intimacy and personal time in our lives again."

The self described "recovering Candy Crusher" says she makes sure to take "a few hours" out of her day of the day to "think, go to the gym, be with my family, and make sure that I'm giving myself that time to be creative."

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