Mattel Inc. offices are seen February 2, 2009 in the Los Angeles area community of El Segundo, Calif. - 

Mattel has rolled out a new marketing campaign just in time for the holiday shopping season. It's a Spanish-language campaign aimed at Latina moms.

The slogan is "Toy Feliz" -- a play on "Estoy Feliz" -- Spanish for "I am happy."

Carmen Wong Ulrich, the new host of our weekend personal finance program, Marketplace Money, thinks the campaign will probably be successful because it's more than just a translation of an English-language campaign.

"When moms have certain budgets for buying toys, they're going to make a choice between toys," she says. "And I think what Mattel is trying to do is say 'this is the toy that belongs in your house because we get you' and that might work."