Cocoa beans are stored at the Barry Callebaut chocolate factory in Wieze, Belgium, on July 8, 2013. - 

The Federal Government is reportedly about to issue the a record $35 million immigration fine on Infosys, an outsourcing company based in India. Infosys allegedly used the wrong type of visa to bring thousands workers into the country. H-1B work visa holders are permitted to stay in the United States for up to three years, but cost the company up to $5,000. However, Infosys is being fined for bringing in workers under a B-1 visa, which is only $160.

Airline mergers mean seemingly fewer choices when it comes to flying. But in the South, a new carrier has sprung up. It’s banking that small planes and small airports mean smaller hassles.

Halloween is just a few days away, and for many of us, that holiday affords us the opportunity to eat more than our fair share of chocolate. Well, the price of cocoa, one of the main ingredients in chocolate, is at an historic high, and while that won’t affect trick-or-treating this year, next year could be different. 

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