A view of the US Capitol Building's Rotunda after a vote on Capitol Hill October 16, 2013 in Washington, DC. The US Senate and House passed legislation to compromise on budget and debt concerns to reopen the US federal government funding it to mid January address the debt limit till early February. - 

There has been a cost to the gridlock in Washington over the past few weeks. Standard and Poor’s puts it at $24 billion. S&P says that $24 billion loss will shave at least 0.6 percent off fourth quarter GDP growth. And the costs are likely to continue, because the agreement to re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling is only temporary. 

Google releases earnings today, and investors and analysts are waiting to see if the search giant’s new method of selling ad words, like "plumber" or "teapot," will pay off. Google's new “Enhanced Campaigns” mean advertisers bid for keywords across multiple platforms, like desktop, tablets and mobile, instead of one platform at a time. 

Ever wanted to get paid just to get dressed for work? In November, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about the meaning of putting on your work clothes. The case, Sandifer v. United States Steel Corporation, pits 800 steelworkers in Gary, Indiana against the country’s largest steel company.

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