Pebble 1
The Pebble (pictured above), a so-called smartwatch, could have some company soon - Samsung is predicted to announce their version of the smartwatch on Wednesday. - 

Tomorrow Samsung might be the first major tech company to announce a smartwatch that delivers all sorts of information from your phone to your wrist. But Stan Alcorn, Marketplace contributer and writer for Fast Company's CoExist, has the Pebble - the startup smartwatch crowdfunded on Kickstarter. 

Alcorn uses the smartwatch to control his music and podcasts while his phone is still in his pocket. And when he receives a text or email, a notification appears on the screen of the watch. Then he can decide whether or not he wants to pull out his phone from his pocket and respond. 

Although the watch is a conversation starter at parties, Alcorn says these innovations need more work from app and software developers to get them to go more mainstream.

"The ways I use the Pebble are useful, but they're not really groundbreaking. I think that what a lot of people are waiting for is the Dick Tracy watch, the watch that you can actually talk into, that kind of replaces your phone." 

You can read more about Alcorn's experiences with the Pebble here