Japan's Takashimaya department store displays samples of commemorative figures and table wears for Britain's expected royal baby at a shop of British porcelain maker Royal Crown Derby at Takashimaya's main store in Tokyo. - 

It's a boy! Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed a new member of the royal family into the world today. But they aren't the only ones with royal baby fever.

Just the expectation of the child has sparked a boost to the English economy, with almost $400 million expected to be spent on things like baby clothes and strollers, and also a few commemorative souvenirs.

But if you're looking for something more 'unique' to celebrate the birth of the next British monarch, here's a few choices:  

  1. Royal CheeseThe "Westminster William and Kate Royal Addition Cheddar" is on sale at Whole Foods Markets around the country for $9.99/pound. The "all-natural, white cheddar" was made on a farm in England and was aged for one year.
  2. Royal Baby Biscuit Tin: At £40 a case, (about $60 in U.S dollars, or $4 a cookie), the "limited edition royal baby tin features traditional silver spoons, regal rattles and the obligatory celebratory fizz. Perfect for celebrating the arrival of some very important babies!" 
  3. 'Born to Reign' pillow$99.68 made from "duck egg blue linen/cotton and "appliquéd in felt wool," the nearly $100 pillow is a great addition to any bed!
  4. The Royal Nappy: From the author of  The Queen's Knickers comes a look at the history of the future royal baby's 'nappy.'

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