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Do you follow your favorite politicians on social media -- what about your favorite brands? - 

Big data -- and the clever crunching of it -- helped the President Obama's campaign team identify potential voters and get them to the polls. Now Teddy Goff, who was digital director of Obama's 2012 campaign, is launching Precision, a company that will use consumer data to help analyze and understand audiences.

If it sounds like the kind of marketing power a giant company like Coca-Cola might buy into, that's what Goff is hoping for. But Precision's approach is rooted in the ways Goff worked to engage Obama voters.

"At the heart of what we did, we focused on building relationships with people," says Goff. "That sort of emotional connection between the President and his supporters was by far the most powerful asset we had in the campaign."

To hear more about how Goff plans to take his ideas to the business world, click on the audio player above.

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