There's more to Philadelphia than The Liberty Bell, it has a budding tech scene. - 

Tech has never just been about Silicon Valley, and Philadelphia wants the world to know that.

Philly Tech Week, or as WHYY innovations reporter Zack Seward calls it, a "bonanza of tech," is in full swing this week. Philadelphia is certaintly not the most well known tech scene in the country. But Philly participants hope the gathering will enhance the city's branding and help to build a more stable tech community.

"The heart of it is getting the narrative out there that innovative things are indeed happening in Philadelphia," Seward says. 

Attracting venture capital and holding onto it is another issue, as was the case with start-up eyeglass company Warby Parker.

"When they hit it big and got the big money, they ultimately moved to New York," Seward says.

Tech communities around the country have earned a bevy of monikers fro Silicon Alley in New York, to Silicon Prairie in Texas and the Research Triangle in North Carolina. What would you name Philadelphia's budding tech scene?


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