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“You know you’re wealthy when you never have to look at a price tag when shopping,” says Sonya Shorty Hill, a full-time student who lives in Gentilly.  The only time she’s never looked at a price tag is in the dollar store.  But, she sometimes finds herself asking, “How much is this?” - 

Marketplace is on the road again asking people to finish this sentence: You know you’re wealthy when….

We’ve asked folks on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, California. We’ve talked to residents along New Orleans’ Saint Claude Corridor. This time around? Baltimore. From high-end kitchen appliances to home ownership to having happy and healthy kids – Baltimore residents may live in the same city, but they have very different ideas when it comes to what makes a person wealthy. Here’s a taste:

 “You know you’re wealthy when you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck, and you’re comfortable with what you’re making,” says Angela Marinakis, 35, an unemployed student from suburban Baltimore.  

“When you don’t know what a gas bill looks like, or any type of bill.  No type of utilities or anything,” says Melvin Hall, 49, an electrician from Baltimore.

“You go to bed, and you stay eight hours sleeping in good shape,"  says Ronaldo Faria, 50, a sales executive from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

 “You know you’re wealthy when you’ve bought a Robot Coupe.  A Robot Coupe is a fancy name for a food processor.  Those are high end kitchen items so you’ll you know you’re wealthy when you do that," says Keith Jenkins, a culinary student from Baltimore.

“You know you’re wealthy when you have your husband and your children and your family around you," says Maryanne Schneider, a mom from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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