The most common password used by global businesses is Password1, according to Trustwave. - 

American Airlines and US Airways have officially announced their long-suspected merger. Together the companies will become the largest airline in the world. The new airline will be called American Airlines and based in Fort Worth, Texas. It will be run by the current CEO of US Airways, Doug Parker. Robert Isom, the COO of US Airways and John Snook, the Senior Vice President of Customer Service at American Airlines, join Marketplace Morning Report host Jeremy Hobson to talk about the challenges of the coming merger and their hopes for the future airline.

Legendary investor Warren Buffet announced Thursday morning that his company, Berkshire Hathaway, will team up with a Brazilian-backed investment firm to buy H. J. Heinz, the ketchup maker. The price tag? Just over $23 billion.

President Obama is visiting Atlanta today to talk about his plans to pump more federal dollars into education. But many school districts around the country aren't waiting for the cash. Instead, they're borrowing money, often using long-term bonds that can put them into debt for far more than they initially borrowed.

And finally, a new study from a company called Trustwave, says we're not being very careful with our online security. Apparently the most common password used by global businesses is Password1. And we're guessing when the company makes those people change their password, the most common will be Password2.

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