People look at Microsoft Surface tablets at a shopping mall in Glendale, Calif on December 26, 2012. - 

All this week, we're looking ahead to 2013. Today, we focus on what's to come in technology.

Marketplace's technology reporter Queena Kim sees developments in a handful of areas, from mobile devices to Internet privacy.

In mobile markets, the focus is really on one thing: More mobile. "I think what we're going to see in 2013 is a little bit more of the promise of mobile," Kim says. "We have the war of the devices -- I think that's going to continue and ramp up. There's also this promise of mobile advertising."

Imagine a world, she explains, where ads become much more targeted: You might be walking down a street around noon, and an ad will pop up on your phone for a lunch special at a nearby restaurant.

With more targeted advertising, of course, comes more issues around privacy. Kim thinks such concerns will stick around -- especially as the practice of data mining increases.

"But I think that there's a feeling that the government has been letting tech companies off pretty easy," she adds. "And until that changes, it'll be hard to see that they'll be big movements in terms of privacy."