Queen Elizabeth with producer John McAndrew and director John Bennett (R) watch the recording of her Christmas message to the Commonwealth which is to be broadcast in 3D for the first time. - 

Each year on Christmas, Queen Elizabeth delivers a holiday message to her subjects. This year, she's trying something new, the message will be in 3D.

Now in her 80's, the Queen, seen as the embodiment of tradition, has started opening up to new technology and even wacky stunts. Earlier this year, she played along with a James Bond helicopter sketch during London's Olympic Opening Cermemonies. The Queen even owns her own custom 3D glasses -- with the letter "Q" emblazoned in crystals on either side.

But for all the fervor over the Queen's 3D debut, only a small minority of British citizens are likely to have seen the speech in three dimensions. Currently there are about 1.3 million 3D televisions in the UK for a population of over 60 million.

Watch the Queen's first televised Christmas address from 1957 below.