Billionaire Warren Buffett, CEO and chairman of investment company Berkshire Hathaway, speaks at the Economic Club of Washingtron, - 

Earlier this month, BP agreed to pay the biggest criminal penalty in history for its role in the 2010 Gulf oil spill. Today BP has been slapped with a ban on doing business with the U.S. government. The ban means BP will not be able to receive government contracts, loans or grants -- at least for a while.

This week we're bringing you a series of stories on the auto industry in Europe. It's now going through a crisis similar to the one U.S. carmakers weathered four years ago. Today, we go to France to hear how carmakers' efforts to cut costs run up against European politics.

One business leader who's been no stranger to Obama is Warren Buffett. The 'Oracle of Omaha' continued his advocacy in Sunday's New York Times, saying increased taxes on the wealthy will do nothing to dull U.S. economic activity. Yesterday Marketplace Morning Report host Jeremy Hobson talked with Buffett and Fortune Magazine's Carol Loomis, who's just written a book about the prolific investor called "Tap Dancing to Work."

And finally, the former Popemobile is headed for a new life. This is the Popemobile used up until 1981 -- when an assassination attempt caused a switch to a new, bulletproof version. According to the HuffPost U.K., the National Wax Museum in Dublin owns it now -- and they're renting it out for parties, for about the same rate as a stretch limo. The museum promises to use the Popemobile in a way "respectful to what it was," but its website also points out that it's a great option for prom night.

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