Borussia Moenchengladbach football ground is filled with 142,000 footballs, setting a new Guinness World Record. - 

When you think of really cool jobs, you'd probably put the President of the United States on the list. Not easy, but definitely interesting, and you do get your own plane.

Another job that might be on that list is the one that Mike Janela has. He's head of the U.S. records management team for Guinness World Records which recently came out with its latest book for 2013.

Janela says the most exciting part of his job is traveling around the world to verify records and witness all sorts of unique feats. "I get to watch people try and shoot basketball free throws for an hour, or try and make giant hamburgers, grow long finger nails," he says.

When asked if Marketplace could ever make it into the record books, Janela suggests attempting to break the fastest time to duct tape someone to a wall, but he notes the record of 41.66 seconds will be difficult to beat.

Fastest time to tape a person to a wall: Previous World Record holders Hendrik Leschke and Kai Otte (Germany) achieving a record of 55.03 seconds on April 2, 2011.



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