Twitter's Political Engagement Map. Each candidates tweets are represented by a bar. The size of the bar indicates the level of engagement (retweets, responses, favorites) with the tweet. - 

With the election looming on Tuesday, the polls are coming fast and furious. Something we learned from Nate Silver a few weeks back: Social media and the Internet is playing a larger roll in polling all the time, partly because so many of us are dropping our regular phone lines and using only cell phones in our households, and partly because online is just where we spend our time now. Twitter, which earlier this year rolled out the Twindex, is hoping to use some of its giant amounts of data to give us an interesting look at how candidates' tweets are playing around the country. It's called the Political Engagement Map, and it shows you how users are interacting with certain tweets on certain topics, state by state. At this point, a curiosity, but I'd be interested to see some of the comparisons of candidates' tweets after the election. There might be some interesting parallels when we know the winner. 

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