Sandy boardingup
A business owner covers his shop with plywood in the historic part of Alexandria, Virginia, October 28, 2012 in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy's landfall. - 

Investment bankers and traders in New York got the day off, after the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq called off activity because of Hurricane Sandy. In fact, lots of workers up-and-down the east coast stayed home.

But some people had no choice but to go to work. 

That included Jay Jones, manager at a restaurant called Pussers Caribbean Grille, located inside a Marriott hotel in Annapolis, Md.  Jones said as long as there are guests at the hotel, they'll be open.

In the meantime, both hotel and restaurant have prepared themselves for the storm as much as they can. Jones said he's hoping for "something more along the lines of Irene where we got no tidal surge and just a lot of wind and rain."

Jones said the restaurant flooded in 2003 during Hurricane Isabel and hopes that won't happen again.

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