A Red Cross volunteers collect money during the Red Cross Flag Day celebrations in Madrid on October 10, 2012. - 

The Red Cross is launching its first ever campaign in Spain to raise money to help people in the country worst affected by the economic crisis. A campaign video shows a family with an all but empty fridge receiving a box of groceries from the Red Cross.

The organization already helps around two million people in the country, mostly immigrants, but it's hoping to raise 30 million euro in donations to provide shelter, food or medical assistant to an extra 300,000 people it feels are particularly vulnerable.

The country been hit very hard by the European economic crisis and has the highest rate of unemployment in the EU, with one in four people out of work.

However, many people in Spain may not like to accept the idea and image that Spain is in serious trouble and being put into the same category as a country like Greece, which has been bailed out by the European Union. Politicians insist that Spain is essentially a strong economic country, but the reality may be very different.