The view from outside the Big Fun Toy Store in the suburb of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. - 

The Big Fun Toy Store, in the suburb of Cleveand Heights, Ohio, is a small business that has dealt with the ups and downs of the state's economy over the last several years.

Store owner Steve Presser says, "we've survived because...if you need to buy little Johnny a Christmas toy or Hanukkah toy, and you don't have the $100 you're normally going to spend, you come to Big Fun and spend $10 or $20." Presser says he's starting to see business pick up, "last month we were up 20 percent."

Yet, Big Fun still faces its challenges, "small businesses like myself -- I jokingly call myself an entrep-maneur because I feel sometimes like I'm in that -- we can't go to the banks and the banks that we've banked with for 20 years and get loans."

Presser is staying tough and optimistic, something the city of Cleveland is known for, "we get knocked down, we get back up again."

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