A shopper carries bags from Victoria's Secret. The retailer will open a new store at the Dallas Cowboys stadium. - 

There's a brand new addition to Monday night football and we're not talking about the refs. This Monday, at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, fans can buy the usual:  beer and hot dogs. And the unusual: bras and panties. Victoria's Secret is opening their first store at an NFL stadium.

Women's consumer behavior expert Jen Drexler says the home of the Cowboys is the perfect place to start. "The Dallas Cowboys franchise is just a whole different animal than the rest of the NFL," says Drexler.

She points to the Cowboy's cheerleaders -- the Victoria's Secret models of the gridiron -- who brought hot pants and bra tops to the stadium long ago. "If any franchise was going to pull it off," says Drexler, "I think they have the best shot."

The Victoria's Secret store will sell Cowboys-themed thong underwear along with hooded sweatshirts and cropped jerseys for women.

"They deserve some credit for this," says analyst Wendy Liebmann with WSL Strategic Retail. "This is bold!"

Liebmann says online shopping mixed with a sluggish economy makes opening a store tough, but Victoria's Secret has it right. She says brands should steal from Victoria Secret's playbook. Selling undies in a football stadium that seats 80,000 might just be a...


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