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Innovation Nation. Explore our interactive map to see how many tech industry jobs are in your state, ranked by average wage and number of businesses. . - 

The Internet, high tech and computer manufacturing industries continue to boost local and state economies with competitive jobs and high wages. On average, a high-tech worker in the private sector earns 77 percent more than a worker with a non-tech job, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics compiled by the industry trade group TechAmerica.

But not all states are created equal. Explore the U.S. by the number of jobs and businesses in the high-tech industry, and see how each state ranks in terms of average wage for a high-tech career in this interactive map from the desk of the Marketplace Tech Report.

All week, we'll be exploring the technology industry from heart of the third-largest state in terms of the tech jobs economy - New York City, also home to the new Tech Report with Host David Brancaccio.

Innovation Nation. Click through to see how your state ranks in terms of high-tech jobs and wages. Explore the interactive map.


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