Louisiana oysters from area 7 at the Bourbon House restaurant on June 9, 2010 in New Orleans, La. - 

The State of Louisiana has suspended all fishing and oyster harvesting in the wake of Hurricane Isaac. This means oyster suppliers like P&J Oyster Company in New Orleans have limited product.

Sal Sunseri, the owner of P&J, says some restaurants are already back in business. "Yesterday, we sold just a little bit to a couple restaurants. And today, was I'd say about 12 restaurants were open, ready to roll. And by Monday, they're all going to be demanding oysters and we will have a limited supply, but they're wanting oysters."

The biggest problem right now, he says, is access to Louisiana oysters. "Because we cannot get Texas oysters right now because we certainly rely on our neighbors, but they don't have anything. We have a red tide situation. Alabama and Mississippi don't have any. Now, Florida might have some for us, that could help through this time."

Sunseri says the limited product will be the big follow-up story coming out of the remains of Isaac.


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