A classroom at Harlem Success Academy, a free, public elementary charter school in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. - 

So far, the Republican National Convention keynote speeches have featured plenty of talk on jobs and the deficit. Something a little more surprising, maybe, has been the emphasis on teachers and schools.

Gallup just this month surveyed Americans on their opinions about the education system. So let's take that on for today's "Attitude Check." It's our weekly partnership with Gallup, and editor in chief Frank Newport.

He says charter schools did very well in the poll. Sixty percent of Americans said charter schools provide a good or excellent education. Only 37 percent of Americans gave the same high marks to public schools.

Republicans tend to push for alternatives to public education. Republicans favored homeschooling 16 percent more than Democrats did. They are 13 percent less likely than Democrats to say that public schools do a good job.