With the GOP convention in full swing in Florida, we travel the I-4 corridor to see what really counts in the minds of locals. - 

One state that dodged the Hurricane was Florida, which is a good thing for delegates at the Republican National Convention that's underway in Tampa. As part of our coverage of "The Real Economy" -- what matters most to voters this election year -- we've invited a guy named Mike Sleaford into the studio to give us his thoughts on the election and the economy.

He runs a community bank in Port Orange, Florida. Sleaford says that, though Florida was hit hard by the recession, the state is starting to regain some of the lost ground.

He also says he's concerned about regulatory legislation that he says would adversly affect his business, such as the Dodd-Frank Act and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. "We are a regulated industry, and that's fine," he says. "But don't put it to the point that we can't do certain things."

But what specifically are business owners worried about when they look at these regulations? Hear more in the audio above.

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