Workers sets up the Montana kiosk on the floor of the Tampa Bay Times Forum before the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. - 

Delegates to the Republican Nation Convention are making the trek to Tampa, Fla. this weekend. Starting Monday, they'll spend their days cavorting, cheering and officially nominating a candidate for the presidential election. We already know who they are going to pick. What is a little more of a mystery: How much each of them spends making the journey. Wisconsin delegate Barbara Finger stepped away from her last-minute shopping to help us understand her personal electoral math.

Finger broke down the major costs:

  • Delegate fee: $650 (covers many of the events costs)
  • Airfare: $503
  • Hotel room (shared): $800

The costs add up, but Finger things the price tag is well worth it.

"I'm a political junkie and this is just going to be, like, I'll be right in the midst of it. It's going to kinda be like a mosh pit in an open seating concert," Finger said.

Finger, who is unemployed, raised money for her trip through donations. So far, she says she's raised $3,600.

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