0730 summers
Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers speaks during a discussion about tax codes and revenue hosted by the Brookings Institution, on May 3, 2012 in Washington, D.C. - 

Mitt Romney is in Jerusalem today raising money for his campaign. President Obama will be in New York for a fundraiser. We are now 99 days away from the election. And one of the key themes of the campaign up to this point has been income inequality.

Well, President Obama's former top economic advisor Larry Summers says that's not the debate we should be having. Summers would rather focus on inequality of opportunity.

As part of ongoing coverage of Wealth and Poverty issues, we were recently joined by Larry Summers here at the Marketplace Morning Report.

He says that while "not everything is amenable to public policy," and that the U.S. government "can't read to a child before the child goes to sleep," there are still many steps the administration could and should be taking to give every child an equal opportunity to succeed in life.

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