Marissa Mayer at Capitol Records headquarters in Los Angeles on October 28, 2009. Mayer has just been announced as the new CEO of Yahoo. - 

This final note today, to end where we started, with Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer.

We had her on the program back in January, for was turned out to be a prescient commentary. Women in technology, from a woman who is now one of the women in technology.

Here's a bit of what she said.

Marissa Mayer: In a world where there are too few technical women, the Internet serves as powerful point of inspiration and an amazing way to tap into human creativity and potential. So, empower the geeks you know. Encourage girls -- let them know that it's OK to be a geek. Daydream about mechanical engineering and how it relates to fashion. Make something thought to be science fiction a reality. Teach girls that finding your passion means that all the little details that get them excited should matter. And most of all, embrace your own inner geek.

Marissa Mayer, from a commentary for us back in January. She's the new CEO at Yahoo, effective tomorrow.

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