As wildfires rage across Colorado, state officials are being cautious in how they describe the conflagration, hoping not to scare away its major tourism industry like it did in 2002. - 

Q: What would you take?

The wildfires raging in Colorado have many thinking the same questions: What would you take if you had to evacuate your home in an emergency? We talked to Foster Huntington the author "The Burning House: What Would You Take" for answers and reached out for your answers on the internet.

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Speaking w this author today. What would YOU take? Have you thought about it? Vigeland
Here are your replies...
@tessvigeland Honestly? I wouldn't want to lose any of my stuff but it's just stuff. As long as my husband & I were safe. #whatwouldyoutakeShana Westlake
@tessvigeland 100 letters my husband wrote to me when we started dating. Photos. Key documents. 2 yr old son's teddy bear. #whatwouldyoutakeRebecca Bromels
@tessvigeland husband, cats/carriers/food/meds, laptop/phone (communication), wallet, emergency cash-all else is bonus. #whatyouwouldtakeMelissa B.
@tessvigeland had to make this list years ago evacuating a hurricane for the first time (not the last). #whatyouwouldtakeMelissa B.
@tessvigeland #whatyouwouldtake Photo albums, photo albums, photo albums. Journals. Also, I'd grab my purse and laptop. Quickly.Melissa Davis
@tessvigeland I'd take the dogs, the laptop, the iPhone and my 6 y.o. daughter's beloved yellow blankie. #whatwouldyoutakeMichaela C
@tessvigeland as a precaution and reflection of my paranoia, I backup PC nightly, swap ext HDs weekly, keeping one in safe deposit box.Doug Moran
@tessvigeland when we evac'd it was the P's: pets,pictures,prescriptions,passports (pics=physical + computer hard drives) #WhatWouldYouTakeMatt Heavner
@tessvigeland External hard drive, son's baby memorabilia, dog, cats. Oh, and the Rush concert tix on the fridge. :-Dkaterz1
@tessvigeland laptop, purse, family photos, paintings. #whatwouldyoutakeMicheline Maynard
@tessvigeland I think about this often. Weird, i know! The dog and wedding photo that hangs in our bedroom immediately come to mind!jen keavy
@tessvigeland Dog, computer, camera (in that order). Husband would get his computer, probably banjo and then get the cat outside.Jessica Suhr
Been thinking about this a lot. Old photos & baby books. Via @tessvigeland #WhatWouldYouTakeMs. Rosenberg
@tessvigeland My husband and I actually talk about this, a lot. We'd take our pets. Everything else can be replaced.Ward Hegedus
@tessvigeland A family heirloom: Carl Jung's Other Red Book. Off-Ramp
@tessvigeland Thought hard about it last time CO was on fire. Still have a mental list and hope I never have to use it.Tammi Gaw
@tessvigeland Also scanned important documents and regularly update on 1TB external hard drive. Small enough to toss in a bag and get outTammi Gaw
@tessvigeland I *have* thought about it & keep an envelope with important documents near the door, hoping I could get to them on my way out.Milderd
@tessvigeland Katrina raised my awareness of keeping copies of important docs nearby. Grab pets, kids, yes, but remember those docs!Milderd

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