Supremecourt bluesky
The U.S. Supreme Court building as seen from the U.S. Captiol June 27, 2012 in Washington, DC. The high court could hand down a landmark ruling on the Affordable Care Act as early as Thursday. - 

This final note, a look to tomorrow and the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Health Care Act.

Whether you are in the media, a patient with a pre-existing condition or even President Obama himself, we are all waiting anxiously for the decision to come down tomorrow morning. Will the Court uphold it, or get rid of some or all of it?

For an early hint, we turned some other kind of experts to see where things might be headed.

Yes, we talked to astrologists.

First, Randy Goldberg in Washington, D.C.

Randy Goldberg: Oh I think they are going to keep all of it.

But then here is astrologer Craig Martin from Los Angeles.

Craig Martin: So I think from looking at the charts here, they are just going to take out the individual mandate and leave the rest.

All of this has to do with whether Venus will be in retrograde or not tomorrow -- which these two do not agree on.

So I guess we will all just have to keep waiting. Darn.

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