Supremecourt mics
When the Supreme Court makes its decision on the Affordable Care Act, advocacy groups will be trying to maximize their national exposure as a way to boost their brands. - 

Jeff Horwich: Interest groups have been camping out in Washington for the past couple days awaiting the Supreme Court's next momentus decision on the health care law. They see the ruling as an opportunity to broaden their national exposure and perhaps their donor base as well. 

Here's Marketplace's Nancy Marshall-Genzer.

Nancy Marshall-Genzer: Health care interest groups have been preparing for decision day for months.

Ron Pollack is executive director of Families USA, which supports the health care law. He says he has at least eight different statements ready so he can react within minutes, no matter how the court rules. And then...

Ron Pollack: We’ll be doing standup reacts outside the court right after the ruling. We’re doing a teleconference for the media at 12:30.

Marketing guru Adam Hanft says that kind of exposure is priceless. If you’re quoted, you can package and repackage the quote endlessly.

Adam Hanft: You can put it out through your entire social media ecosystem, and use it forever and ever to raise money. So it really is very important to be called upon and that’s why everybody has their hands up right now and are waving furiously.

And Hanft says, you don’t have to be on the winning side to win. A loss can energize your base, and you can channel your supporters’ anger into donations.

In Washington, I’m Nancy-Marshall Genzer for Marketplace.