Keeping up with the HENRYs

Get ready for the latest acronym to describe the American household: HENRYs or "high earners, not rich yet." Maybe you've heard some others? DINKs - double income, no kids, or SITCOMs -- single-income, two children and oppressive mortgage. Marketplace listeners suggest a few more.

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Keeping up with the HenrysHenrys -- High Earners, Not Rich Yet - account for 40 percent of U.S. consumer spending. But just when the economy needs them, Henrys are...
Yesterday we introduced you to the HENRYS (high earner, not rich yet) Today, you shared your acronyms. RT time!Marketplace
@MarketplaceAPM I am an ANOMALY: African-American No-kids Optimistic-about My-Mortgage Average Lifestyle Yuppie.Chad Robinson
@marketplaceapm im a sissi. Single income supporting spouse's interestsShannon Leary Reiter
@MarketplaceAPM lifer - low income, frugal, ever retire?Nick Hillis
@MarketplaceAPM economic acronym - ETHAN - Entrepreneur Taking His Action Now Smith
@MarketplaceAPM BELTS: Basically enough. Living totally simple.L Davis
@MarketplaceAPM NOSH: No Income, Still Hoping; more abt them in DW Gibson's NOT WORKING: @americanotwrkng @PenguinPbksPenguin Classics
@MarketplaceAPM For the 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring daily...they're NOPES:No personal savingsNo pensions, social securityNo prayersDebbie Mercer Cifone
@MarketplaceAPM here's one from the meeting: FIONA: Fudge, I Own No Assets! @fngPaddy Hirsch
@KaiRyssdal @MarketplaceAPM What's the acronym for "Healthy 65 yr old unemployed bald white guy who doesn't want to retire" ? ;-)R.E. Buzz Brindle
@MarketplaceAPM Decent income, Not oppressed.劉煒 (Wy)
@MarketplaceAPM LIPS (Low Income Perpetually Sad)J to the what?
@MarketplaceAPM. Dual incomes, never go out. DINGO = savers.Matt
@MarketplaceAPM DINE dual income never enoughGood Enough
@MarketplaceAPM Master of Arts, Infinite Debt. :/james
@MarketplaceAPM That makes me a MAID, btw, in more ways than one.james
@pdxwy @MarketplaceAPM Empty Refrigerator, Runnin' on Ramen.Gary L. Ellenbolt
ERRR RT @gellenbolt @pdxwy @MarketplaceAPM Empty Refrigerator, Runnin' on Ramen.Marketplace
@MarketplaceAPM @gellenbolt You meant ERRoR. That said, closer to Attending School, Parent Supported. d:劉煒 (Wy)
@MarketplaceAPM OINKone income, no kidsKenton Hansen
HAGGLE - Hired After Graduation. Got Lucky Everyone. @MarketplaceAPMGP
@MarketplaceAPM MILES (Multiple Income Low Earning Student) two jobs and full time student making ends meetJ to the what?
@MarketplaceAPM LIPS (Low Income Perpetually Sad)J to the what?
@MarketplaceAPM I'm SINK: Single Income, No Kids. Alas, the only full sink is the one w dishes in it. (mine)clearydome
@MarketplaceAPM I'm RICH: Rolling In Cat HairAndrew Neal
@MarketplaceAPM OINK (Zero Income No Kidding)Trudi Davis
@MarketplaceAPM MISSMiddle Income Scared S...lessRob Kealey
@MarketplaceAPM what about the "LETS"? Low Earner Totally Screwed. Where's our story? :)Mike Porch
@MarketplaceAPM I'm a DILDO. Dual Income, Limitless Debt, Oops!Jackson Cheese
for this one we'll leave out the acronym MT @JacksonCheese @MarketplaceAPM I'm a Dual Income, Limitless Debt, Oops!Marketplace
@MarketplaceAPM we are DINKs over here! (and proud)categio
@categio @marketplaceapm Here Here. DINKs 4 Life.Alex Jokela

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