Our listener Jacques emailed us this photo, which captures how he sees the recession. - 

We had a listener post a picture on marketplace.org the other day. It's a man holding his head in his hands, sitting by an ATM.

We called the guy who sent in it: Jacques. He lives in New Jersey, and asked him about it.

Jacques: Well, I was walking along a street of Manhattan, and I passed an ATM outlet and I saw an individual in there. And he could be homeless, but he could be anyone, basically, who's going through a difficult time in his life. This photo captured the irony that we had money to bail out big banks -- hundreds of billions of dollars -- but millions of people suffering out there, many millions still unemployed. And actually, I am unemployed myself.

Out of a job for close to two years now, he says. Used to be in pharmaceuticals, processing FDA compliance documents. He doesn't think, he told us, that he's gonna get another job doing the same thing. He's starting graduate school online this July, getting a MBA.

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