The Burj Dubai skyscraper stands over is currently the tallest structure built by men. The world's most expensive billboard will debut in Dubai -- costing $1.3 billion a month. - 

The markets are up -- in a sugar-high kind of way. They're reacting to a $125 billion European bailout of Spain's banks. Spain is the fourth-largest economy in the Euro zone and the bailout is kind of sort of a bailout of Spain's government because the banks are big buyers of government debt.

There's a story developing this morning in Southern California where the LA County Sheriff’s department says the U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson caused two hit and run collisions yesterday. They're investigating, and so far have said that there's no indication that alcohol or drugs played a role. The Commerce Department says the Secretary had a seizure. He was hospitalized after the crashes, and he has been released.

In Dubai, there's a billboard being unveiled today that will cost $1.3 billion a month. It has a nice location near the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The ad is for a skydiving center and an energy drink. The billboard features a real guy with a real jet pack who emerges from the ad every now and again and then flies around for a bit.

The social networking site LinkedIn was hacked last week and more than six million passwords were stolen and posted on the web. Turns out the most common password for LinkedIn was ‘link.’ Number two was 1234. Number three was 12345. And number four? You guessed it 123456. That'll fool ‘em.

What does the middle class look like? We got a bunch of your photos with really great stories about being middle class. Like one from Steve Haupt in Clarksburg, California. Haupt says that's being middle class means working hard, saving, setting a goal, and getting there. Show us what you think it means to be middle class.

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