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Disney announced this week plans to eliminate junk food advertising from its TV and internet properties. - 

Today Spain's Treasury Minister sent out a kind of distress call, saying Spain's cost of borrowing is so high that credit markets are effectively closing for the country.

Travel guide books can be helpful when you're heading to another country and the Atlantic Magazine has gone through some guides to see what they tell foreign visitors about us here in the United States. WikiTravel warns: "When invited to a meal in a private home in the US it is considered polite for a guest to ask if they can bring anything. The host will usually refuse. But it is nonetheless considered good manners to bring along a small gift, like wine or flowers. Gifts of cash or toiletries are not appropriate."

Disney today will promise to limit junk food ads during kids programming on its TV networks such as ABC and the Disney Channel -- its kid-centered websites will be covered as well. Disney chairman Robert Iger is delivering the pledge today alongside First Lady Michelle Obama who has campaigned for healthier eating. In a completely unrelated story today, the fast food company Taco Bell says its new taco made out of nacho-flavored Doritos has become its biggest product lunch in 50 years --100 million sold in its first ten weeks.

In the United States, eight out of every ten people own a car. Even with insurance, registration, and gas, for most Americans, this is a manageable expense. The same cannot be said in other places around the world, including Singapore. In the Asian city-state, a car costs as much, if not more, than a house.

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